25 Ways to Get a Jumpstart to January

This year, why not resolve to get a jumpstart on the jobs you’ve been putting off.

Image licensed by Ingram Publishing

Image licensed by Ingram Publishing


As we get ready to ring in a new year, many of us begin to think of resolutions. This year, why not resolve to get a jumpstart on the jobs you’ve been putting off. January is a great month to take advantage of the time we spend indoors staying warm. Here’s a list to get you started.

1. Rotate mattresses
2. Go through condiments, checking expiry dates
3. Clean out the junk drawer
4. Sort through your medicine cabinet
5. Clean out your email inbox
6. Clean the shower nozzle
7. Update or create your will
8. Vacuum your baseboards
9. Create a seasonal cleaning schedule
10. Sort your box of memorabilia
11. Clean light fixtures
12. Purge toy box and donate to local thrift shops, etc.
13. Call and write people you haven’t been in touch with
14. Label digital device cords
15. Organize books, CDs and DVDs
16. Organize your pantry
17. Improve your laundry routine
18. Dust your ceilings and other hard to reach places
19. Check your smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
20. Put together a winter car emergency kit
21. Book medical checkups or tests
22. Create a family emergency plan
23. Organize digital photos
24. Establish a mail-opening routine
25. Update your house cleaning routine

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