12 Ideas for a Fun Family Night

Start a family fun night. It will soon become your kids favourite day of the week.

Fun Family Night

If a busy schedule and electronics are preventing you from connecting as a family, why not start a a weekly Family Fun Night (or day).

Make a list of fun activities to do, remembering that variety is what will keep kids engaged. You can use my list below as a starting point. Choose one activity for Family Day. Use the others as themes for your Family Night.

As a family, decide on the night and the activity for each week. Put it in your calendar so it remains a priority. It will soon become your kids favourite day of the week!

Here are some ideas to get you started:
1. Scavenger hunt
2. Movie night
3. Star watching
4. Geocache treasure hunt
5. Picnic: Inside or out
6. Play board games
7. Video game competition
8. Guest of honour
9. Backwards night
10. Home video preview
11. Pajama day
12. Lego building night



Author: 15 Minute Mom

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