School Lunch: Pack a Kid-friendly Bento Box

Add a little excitement to everyday lunch with these fun and healthy bento ideas.

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Pasta Salad with Salami

The havarti and salami in this fun salad make this dish a bento box favourite in our house.

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Veggie Samosas

With just the right amount of seasoning, these little morsels will be a hit with your kids.

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Mango Chicken Spring Rolls

The perfect finger food for kids lunches, with sweet mango and tender chicken. Pack a little container of dipping sauce – our favourite is plum sauce.

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Steve & Creeper Minecraft Bento

Minecraft fans will have a hard time waiting for this fun and tasty lunch.

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Chicken and Rice Patties

Build the perfect bend with these little patties, fresh veggies and some kid-friendly dip.

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Dinosaur Bento Box

Who knew giant eggs and sandwich dino could be so easy.

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