Making Halloween Faces

It’s easy to create great looks for your kids.

Making Faces


Long lineups at local events point to the incredible popularity of face painting among kids.

So why not skip the store-bought mask this Halloween, and give your kids what they really want? All it takes is some kid-friendly makeup and a few expert tips.
Below are two popular Halloween faces, with step by step instructions so you get the same look for your child.

Halloween Spider Queen

Making Faces


Step 1: Using purple face paint and a cosmetic sponge, apply make-up starting from  the eyelids to the temples and forehead, creating 
a pointy mask. Apply some purple face paint on the lips as well with a round brush.



Making Faces


Step 2: With a round brush and black face paint create several web like lines from the nose to the hairline in the unpainted space on the forehead. Draw similar lines from the outer corner of the eyes towards the ear and cheeks.



Making Faces


Step 3: Finish the webs by drawing horizontal lines with black face paint in a slight “u” shape. Line the lips with black as well. Add a few dots along the bridge of the nose and under the side webs.

 Scary Vampire

Making Faces


Step 1: Using a cosmetic sponge, apply an even base coat of white face paint all over the face 

up to the hairline. Avoid the lips and around the eyes.

Making FacesStep 2: Use grey face paint to make contouring lines, which will give some depth to the face. Using a round brush, draw a couple of angled lines on the forehead pointing towards the nose. Then cover the eyelids, painting above the natural eyebrows for a more dramatic look. Add two more angled lines on the cheeks from the ear towards the mouth. Finally load white face paint onto a round brush and draw sharp fangs on the corners of the mouth.


Making Faces

Step 3: Use a thin round brush and black face paint to do the detail lines. Draw eyebrows with an arched and thick line for a scary look. Add lines on the forehead and cheeks on top of the grey shadow. Draw some “wrinkles” around the nose and underneath the eyes. Paint the lips black and outline the fangs.


Materials You’ll Need

White, black, grey and purple face paint. Purchase cosmetic grade face paints at your local craft store. Only buy products with the label “Face Paint”, “Face Makeup” or “Cosmetic Grade”. Do not use acrylic paint on the face even if it is labeled “non-toxic” or “safe”; it can cause rashes and is not safe to use on the skin.

Sponges and brushes. You can use cosmetic grade sponges or any regular soft sponge. Brushes can be found at the craft store. You can also use makeup brushes.

Author: Vange Rodrguez and Rosie Salcido

Vange Rodriguez and Rosie Salcido are the owners of Faces by 2 (formerly Glam of the Sparks) in Peterborough;

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